Field trip: High Speed Rail

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Take a Trip to the California's Central Valley to View Progress on the Nation's First High-Speed Rail Project
The nation's first high-speed rail program is underway on 119 miles in the heart of California - the great Central Valley. Take a tour with us to view three sites near the City of Fresno and see what we are doing to make high-speed rail a reality in the Golden State. One of our major structures just north of Fresno is the San Joaquin Viaduct and Pergola. This structure will bring high-speed trains into Fresno over the San Joaquin River parallel to State Route 99, serving as an iconic entrance to the fourth largest city in California. Another stop on the tour will be Avenue 12 grade separation project, where you'll be able to hear about how we worked through some important environmental issues in the area. You'll also get to visit the Lazy K Ranch - a working ranch located near the city of Chowchilla - where the California High-Speed Rail Authority is currently developing hundreds of acres for a new mitigation site along the Chowchilla river that will be protected for generations to come.

Trip Details: Location is approximately 2.5 hours from the conference. This is a full-day field trip.
Destinations/Stops: Sacramento Hyatt Regency to Fresno (2 stops), Chowchilla, back to Hyatt
Price: $40