Field trip: Highway 89 Stewardship Team -- Partnership for Wildlife (THIS TRIP HAS A WAIT-LIST)

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Despite California's development, there are mule deer herds that still migrate seasonally. Recognizing this, a long-term partnership between state and federal agencies created a plan, found funding, and built crossing structures for a migrating deer herd. This tour includes a stop on Interstate 80 at the site of an "accidental wildlife crossing" and several stops highlighting wildlife passage improvements in the region north of Lake Tahoe. Take the State Route 89 Scenic Byway through the Tahoe National Forest to view several wildlife crossing structures. Highlights of this trip include viewing wildlife crossing structures built in the 1970s and a crossing refurbishing project currently under construction. This tour highlights the efforts of the Highway 89 Stewardship Team, an interagency grassroots group dedicated to reducing animal-vehicle collisions and facilitating animal movement across highways through mitigation, research, and education.

Trip Details: Location is approximately 2.25 hours from the conference. This is a full-day field trip.
Destinations/Stops: Sacramento Hyatt Regency to Soda Springs (up I-80), Sierraville (2 stops), back to Hyatt
Price: $40