Pronghorn Xing: Citizen Scientist's help conserve fastest animal in North America.

Megan Jensen
Paul Jones, Alberta Conservation Association, Danah Duke and Tracy Lee, Miistakis Institute, Mount Royal University and Dr. Andrew Jakes, National Wildlife Federation
Topic Area
Mitigation for Transportation Projects

In the Northern Sagebrush Steppe (NSS), pronghorn undertake daily and seasonal migratory movements to meet life requirements. Across this region, highways fragment the landscape and cause direct morality and/or disrupt movement patterns. Pronghorn Xing is a citizen science program developed to ground truth seasonal migratory pinch-points identified by connectivity modeling across highways in the NSS and increase public engagement in pronghorn science and conservation. Information on wildlife sightings collected by the public will enable us to better understand where pronghorn and other wildlife are commonly crossing, involved in collisions, or moving adjacent to the highway. A unique feature of this program is the inclusion of volunteer effort in data collection through the smartphone application. Ultimately this program will lead to development of informed strategies to reduce wildlife vehicle collisions while ensuring the safe passage of wildlife across highways. The generated information will be shared with Government officials in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Montana. Our hope is to engage as many local communities as possible. We share preliminary findings based on a year of data collection to show utility of the program.

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