An Updated Statewide Connectivity Map for California

Melanie Gogol-Prokurat, California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Julie Garcia, CDFW; Andy Amacher, CDFW
Topic Area
Planning for Transportation Ecology

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has brought together connectivity data at multiple scales to update the statewide connectivity map. We combined different types of connectivity data from various sources including statewide landscape analyses based on factors such as topography, landscape intactness, and ecological integrity; fine-scale regional habitat connectivity analyses based on wildlife species models; and wildlife movement corridors based on remote camera and gps collar locations. The data are available in our Areas of Conservation Emphasis online map viewer, where they can be viewed together with information on biodiversity, rare species, significant habitats, and climate resilience. The results provide a single place where scientists, land managers, and planners can access the best-available information for any given location in the state. The data are intended to be used to address habitat connectivity and wildlife movement corridors in conservation, land-use, and infrastructure planning, and to understand where multiple conservation values coincide in the same location.

Abstract Keywords
habitat connectivity