Emerging Best Practices to reduce road mortality and increase habitat connectivity for turtles in the northeastern US

Tom Langen, Clarkson University
Topic Area
Planning for Transportation Ecology

Road-kill and connectivity blockages caused by roads and road traffic can result in serious population declines of turtles. Agencies concerned with turtle conservation and the environmental management of roads are grappling with how to most effectively avoid or mitigate the negative effects of roads and road traffic on turtles. This poster provides a report on an ongoing project to evaluate how agencies in the northeastern US are addressing problems of turtles and roads, including road planning practices, site prioritization for mitigation, installation of barriers and passageways intended for turtles, and monitoring and maintenance of conservation measures. This project's goal is to evaluate the current practices and alternatives, to provide science-based practical and effective Best Practices for reducing the negative impacts of turtles on roads in the region.

Abstract Keywords
Inter-agency Road Planning & Mitigation
Wildlife Connectivity