The inaudible voice from wildlife habitat: The case of interaction between; wildlife, ecosystem and infrastructure development in Kenya

Odira Walter Ochieng, HOD, Roads and Airstrip Development
Ochungo Elisha Akech, Ph.D. Research Student, Institute for Climate Change & Adaptation, University of Nairobi, Kenya

Abstract: Research on ecological impacts of infrastructure development continues to draw global interest. Pioneer investigators in this area have always focused their attention on the primary ecological effects of infrastructure development on wildlife habitats. In the sub Saharan Africa region for instance, there is a rapid population growth, with a corresponding demand for infrastructure development. This has meant that, the deficit must be bridged within the confines of SDG 9 guidelines. However, such developments are known to always cause separation between what used to be a healthy ecosystem and wildlife habitat interaction. This disruption on the age old ecosystem coexistence is usually attributed to the lack of knowledge in project management skill that is mindful to the inaudible voice from the wild. Accordingly, an urgent need for us to begin incorporating sustainability principles in such infrastructure development planning is calling our attention to action. Despite this need, there is paucity of information on existing literature on how to minimize the impacts. Therefore, this present study aims to use literature review assessment method, to assess the impacts of transport infrastructure on wildlife habitats in Kenya. The expected contribution is the entrenchment of sustainability thinking in infrastructure development planning. This will be so relevant particularly for the Africa region whose vision 2063 agenda has lined up a series of mega construction projects. In addition, it is expected that, this work will provide a facilitative tool for engagement with policy planners and stakeholders in wildlife conservation arena to ensure a healthy and sustainable interaction between wildlife and transport infrastructure is maintained.

Abstract Keywords
Key words: sustainability
infrastructure and impacts