Temperature affects snake roadkill in a highway, Hainan, China

Qi-Lin Li, Hainan Tropical Ocean University
Yan Ou, Xiangtan University; Yun Wang, China Academy of Transportation Sciences

Roadkill harms biodiversity and reptile population, however, little is known about the factors which influence the snake roadkill. Hence, the objective was to evaluate whether weather influenced roadkill rate according to temperature difference. The data was collected along a 14-kilometer suburban highway, in Hainan Island, southern China from Feb. to Dec. 2017, with a total of 281 investigation days on road. We recorded 109 individuals and identified 68 smashed species, for a mean roadkill rate of 0.028 ind./km/day. Our results demonstrated that snake causalities reached max at the temperature of 27?. Furthermore, snake roadkill rate was significantly related with temperature according to Pearson Correlation Test. So we believe that temperature affects snake roadkill in a highway. We will carry out further research on if other weather factors, e.g. rainfall and typhoon influence snake occurrence on roads.

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