Corridor K Wildlife Habitat Modeling and Assessment

Kahl, Samantha; Texas Tech University
van Manen, Frank (USGS), Kookogey, M. S. (Pilot)
Topic Area
Terrestrial Wildlife and Ecosystem Interactions with Transportation

Evaluating potential effects of transportation infrastructure is challenging because substantial time and resources are required to collect and analyze field data and because no standard assessment procedures typically are in place. Therefore, objective, quantitative, and transparent decision tools are needed that make efficient use of existing data to inform the process. Our approach evaluates three major impacts of transportation infrastructure by using models to predict habitat loss, habitat connectivity, and animal-vehicle collisions (AVCs). We present a case study on American black bear (Ursus americanus) to exemplify this novel approach, rank alternatives, and provide a decision tool for future infrastructure planning projects regarding wildlife.

Abstract Keywords
American Black Bear