ICOET 2019 in Sacramento

Pro Tips for ICOET 2019

Registration and Name Badges: Pick up your name badge at the Registration desk at the entrance to the Foyer (east end of Hyatt lobby). Name badges must be worn whenever you are at conference events to avoid that uncomfortable moment when conference staff ask if you are registered.

Sessions: All sessions will be in one of the ballrooms on the first floor of the Hyatt, or in one of the rooms on the second floor above the Hyatt lobby. Room maps will be in the printed program and all rooms are near each other.

Field Trips: All trips meet in the Foyer at 7:30 am (Lake Tahoe, High-Speed Rail, Highway 89), 7:45 am (Both sea level rise trips to the coast), or 4:00 pm (bats at the bypass). It will be clear and in the 70s to low 80s for the mountain and coast trips. It will be clear and in the upper 80s on the high-speed rail trip. We want you to be comfortable, so please wear sunscreen and/or a hat. Please bring water in the re-useable water bottle we will provide you. Lunch is provided for the NON-bat trips.

Luncheons: There will be a sticker on your name tag if you signed up in time for a lunch. If you indicated vegetarian or vegan when you registered, there will be a ticket in your tag to put on the table in front of you at each lunch. This will be your ticket to a low-carbon, ethical meal, so don't lose it.

Receptions: are for fun! There will be free food, cash bar (sorry, no free booze), music and a range of brief ceremonies. So, network, gab, re-connect etc. the Tuesday reception will be concurrent with the poster session so you can sip wine and meet researchers in the same moment. Please plan ahead how you will get to the Monday reception (on foot, car, taxi, Uber/Lyft, bus) so that you don't miss it.

VIPs: All ICOET-goers are important to us, but if you feel that you are extra important, we do have a badge label that says "Big Cheese". If you want one of these, just say "cheese" at the Registration desk and we will give you one (or some other fun tag if we have a run on these).